Restaurant Fundraiser Application


Flo’s will support organizations that are in the communities we serve, excluding the following:

  • Third party giving
  • Individuals seeking aid
  • Programs that promote religion (e.g. churches, temples, mosques, bible study groups, religious camps, etc.)
    • We DO support religious schools where the funds raised go directly towards educational purposes
  • Political organizations or candidates
  • Capital campaigns
  • Conferences, seminars or reunions
  • Research projects
  • Organizations with which Flo’s does business
  • Groups that don’t fall under our giving focus (“causes that promote the health, welfare and education of children and citizens in the communities we serve”)


When can I host a fundraiser?

Flo’s hosts fundraisers Monday through Wednesday. Time frame for your fundraiser is upon your request.

How can I ensure my fundraiser is a success?

Once your fundraiser is approved, you can begin spreading the word! Follow the three easy steps below to ensure your fundraiser night is a success.

  1. Start the process early: We request 30 days notice prior to your desired fundraiser date. This allows plenty of time for you to spread the word and for us to prepare for your fundraiser.
  2. Fill out a W9: In order for you to get paid, we need to set your organization up in our system.
  3. Distribute the fundraiser flyer (physical & email copies): Flo’s will provide you one copy of the fundraiser flyer for you to produce more of and distribute. We will also email you a copy for easier distribution. The success of your fundraiser depends on the number of people that attend.
  4. In order for the sales to be tracked, the guest must bring in the paper fundraiser flyer and present it to the server/bartender or take out employee.
  5. Handing out fundraiser flyers in the restaurant the night of your fundraiser is prohibited.


When will my organization receive the money raised?

You should receive your check within 30 days after the night of the fundraiser. If you don’t, please contact the [email protected] with the date of the event, organization’s name & which Flo’s location the event was held at.

Fundraiser Form